The Chef’s Dining Specials

Serrano Ham on Sliced Melon with Balsamico Reduction @ B160
* * * * * * *
Chicken Thigh Piri Piri on Paprika Sauce, Wild Rice and snow peas @ B300
– or –
Deep Fried Tilapia Filet served with Avocado, Pumpkin and roasted Sesame Dressing @ B300
* * * * * * *
Homemade Chestnut, Coffee & Dates Ice Cream with Strawberry Sauce @ B120

Whole Set with either main course at @ B550

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Sepian October 1926?

The difference between these two pictures is 90 years, the only thing which changed is that the 2016 picture is in colour whereas the 1926 picture is more sepian . We cook according to classic recipes from long gone days without tenderisers, MSG, tons of sugar and/or food additives. The ingredients are original, not substituted […]

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Cheese is not cheese ….

our style is that we gladly grate you real, fresh Parmesan into the dish of your choice – as long and as much as you like. Taste the difference to the “cheese” in those colourful containers, dispensers and shakers – exclusively served in all other places – which has little to do with the real thing.

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