The Chef’s Dining Specials

Shrimps & Avocado Salad on a zesty Thousand Island Dressing
฿ 180
* * * * * * *
Lamb Leg Meat braised in Apple Cider and Vegetables served with boiled Potato
฿ 320
– or –
Duck Breast stuffed with Port Wine soaked Prune, Wild Rice and Ratatouille Vegetables
฿ 320
* * * * * * *
Homemade Raspberry Mouse, Bisquit and Blueberries
฿ 150
* * *

Whole Set with either Main Course ฿ 600

Fresh From The Blog

Spotting what?

So, for all those not interested in the Navy’s show of force along the flooded Beach Road, Ticino is offering a dining alternative, not only today but nightly as of 5pm, except Tuesdays that is! And all the others, go submarine spotting and good luck!

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Sub-Marines at Ticino?

This weekend you can witness ASEAN’s International Fleet Review 2017 in the bay of Pattaya.  This overboating of the city’s shores by various Navies will  create, once more again, the mother of all traffic jams.   If you don’t like downtown traffic jams then you’re hopefully thrilled to know that Ticino is more “land locked”. […]

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Have, have – no have, no have!

We strongly believe that you can taste the freshness and the bargaining pleasure with those lovely vegetable vendors. Indeed a daily pleasure dealing for some vegetables and fruit  with these farmers at the market around the corner.

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Apple Cider Lamb?

Well, yes, the Chef is of the (correct) opinion, that Keppler’s Apple Cider, an Irish gift to the world, is the appropriate “juicy” to braise Australian Lamb Leg meat. It comes with garden fresh Vegetables and boiled Potato for ฿ 320. A toothsome dish, to say the least! 

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Port-wine Soaked Prunes?

The second main course to choose from our November Special would be a Duck Breast stuffed with Port Wine soaked Prune, Wild Rice and Ratatouille Vegetables; a treat for ฿ 320

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