Long live the difference!

Isn’t it mind boggling with what kind of statements customers are lured into buying a particular product? We “only” cook Italian food the classic, traditional way round, with original ingredients in real pots and pans. And yes, you can choose between various drinking waters from Italy and Thailand – none of them claims “Fat” or […]

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Scream for Real Cream!

Some dishes and desserts scream for fresh cream. Unlike all other restaurants around us we are not only using real fresh cream applied with a whipped-cream dispenser – as fresh as possible and no comparison to these non-diary creamers from a hairspray can.  And this is a picture from an eatery next door: 

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Bell boy-ing at Ticino?

No, not really, yet you’ll find a bell on every table in our place. The reason is that our table set-up is more secluded than anywhere else in town – giving you the privacy and coziness of a private dinner. “Hello you” or whistling  is not the way anyone wants to draw attention – hence […]

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Not only Vespa and Booze ….

…  at the VespaBar. Wee offer the full a la carte for diners who want to meet and talk to other visiting friends of the VespaBar. So, instead of sitting all by yourself at a table (which you gladly can if you prefer to do so), meet other people while enjoying the evening – at the […]

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Wishing Fairy Table

Well, we are not taking everything more serious than necessary and that includes laying of tables. Unless we are very, very busy (and that does not happen too often) then we’ve laid the table for you before you arrive. Cutlery and cloth napkins await you – but don’t check the alignment with a string half […]

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Wines are uncheap in Thailand but ..

… but we feature nine very affordable red wines including an outstanding Amarone dalla Valpolicella 2012 with 16%  for less than THB 2’000. The white wine range covers three Italian white wines, a Rosé from the top winery estate of Antinori for THB 1’210, two Italian house wines and the mandatory Prosecco to choose from. Possibly […]

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