A nice customer complaint!

“Your vegetables are crunchy!” This time – the customer was right. He seemed to prefer the deep frozen convenience vegetables which are  much easier on the kitchen, as no peeling, trimming, cutting or dicing is required. The cooked result though is rather tasteless and squashy – yet possibly easier on the teeth!  We stick to […]

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No hurry, no worries

Nobody comes to dine with us in a hurry. Relax in Pattaya’s arguably nicest garden restaurant and enjoy the dinner rather than rush things – click here to see how other places are better at that ;-)  

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Carpaccio – explained

Beef Carpaccio – yet another Italian classic – the starter on our present Special menu. Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, presented with capers, pitted olives, a splash of lime juice and sprinkled olive oil, shaved parmesan cheese and rocket salad leafs. And yes, it tastes the way it looks; for THB 180 it’s yours!  History buffs […]

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Picture more than a thousand words

Our new special menu starts with Beef Carpaccio, then either a Fried Cod Filet or Pork Medaillons and finishes off with Pineapple Strudel; for full details scroll further up – and trying is even better than reading!

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Gardeners ‘r us!

There are restaurants and restaurants; some are more detailed and specialized while others operate as chains all over the country or the planet. We decided to go unique and intend to stay that way – and this not only for our lush garden. 

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Wining roosters?

Well, it is actually a French dish, appropriately called Coq Au Vin or “rooster in wine”  by which a juicy piece of chicken is marinated in wine. Our Italian touch comes in as we marinate the chicken in Italian Merlot – the same wine you are served as house wine. This very popular dish comes […]

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