Stroganoff’s befstróganov!

Ever tried our succulent Beef Stroganoff, cooked according to the original recipe by Elena Molokhovets from 1871?  The post-Tsarist Russia leaked this delight to the West and is an absolute classic must in today’s continental cuisine. The “deviations” though are mind-boggling and include the use  ketchup, yogurt and chicken – as authentic as putting Italian buffalo-milk […]

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In a hurry ….

…. first we cook the Australian Rib Eye to your order and and place it onto the pre-warmed plate. Then we add home grown rocket salad to it over which we sprinkled  Modena balsamic. The dish gets finished with parmesan shaves and rushed to your table.  And yes, it tastes as yummy as this sounds! 

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Cheesy question

Why (as shown in the bigger picture) does our staff grate the fresh parmesan cheese over your dish; if, when and as long as you want? We could opt (cheaper, as shown in the small picture) spray “cheese”  all over your food?  Spraying cheese – a first even for us! 

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GR-174, wine from outer space?

No, of course not, GR-174 is the name of a well-known hiking path crossing Priorat – which gave this wine its name. We were lucky to secure a very limited supply of Tarragona’s possibly best kept secret at a fantastic price.  This variety of 35% Garnatxa, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Samsó, 13% Syrah, 9% Merlot […]

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Long live the difference!

Isn’t it mind boggling with what kind of statements customers are lured into buying a particular product? We “only” cook Italian food the classic, traditional way round, with original ingredients in real pots and pans. And yes, you can choose between various drinking waters from Italy and Thailand – none of them claims “Fat” or […]

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