When the picture …..

…….  simply does not fit the price anymore – then there is always Ticino. Homegrown leafy salads, red and ripe tomatoes and tasty selection of vegetables to be combined with dressings to choose from. There is top quality, cold pressed virgin olive oil, balsamico di Modena, French red wine vinegar or any combination of it; […]

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Ever spooned a pizza?

The staff asked “a spoon with your pizza?” My sarcastic reply was “Yes, with great pleasure”.  One never knows, maybe it enhances the dining pleasure to new heights  Well, I got what they offered – As seen in Bangkok

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Parrallel ≠ Parallel

We provide twelve – parallel (!) – offload parking spaces directly in front of our restaurant, on our land – unlike almost all other places where you have to park road side. That’s when your car can get scratched or even hit (followed by the usual run).

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What’s /əˌm(j)uːzˈbuːʃ/ ?

“Amuse bouche”, phonetically (/əˌm(j)uːzˈbuːʃ/, translate into “amuse/please the mouth”. Being a single bite hors d’oeuvre, it is served prior to the first dish you’ve ordered ;-)

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