Ticino warmer in Switzerland than Thailand?

In car racing we speak about overtaking, in weather issues it might “overheat”. Well, Ticino Switzerland outheated Thailand by 2 centigrades on 5/21/2009 at 4.05 pm GMT. Well, good luck to all the Gelatieri – the soft ice guys!.

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Negative calories?

Celery has less calories than what it takes to eat it. To avoid you losing too much weight we add walnuts, green apple pieces and a fine dressing. The whole thing is better known as the world-famous Waldorf salad and that’s what we call it on our menu as well!

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Too long in Thailand?

Recent statement at the VespaBar: “You’ve been in Thailand too long if you’re looking in all four directions when crossing a one-way street!”

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