Deep frozen Ravioli

In all fairness, for the frozen variation you do not have to go to a restaurant; the comfort of your own home is more easier and cheaper. With a homemade sauce – edible and comfy food. But should you crave for the real, homemade, fresh stuff there are alternatives. We do all ravioli variations in-house. […]

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#cooking is not your thing? Well, we cannot play an instrument. Some things are best left to #professionals and #pasta is definitely our #hometurf ;-)

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National Salad of Ticino?

Well, there is no such thing (as yet) but the closest we can serve you is a Caprese Salad. Homegrown basil, tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella cheese, sprinkled to taste with extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil – and if you fancy Italian dressing – the choice is yours! 

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