For more common ….

… and for you most probably more important events there is always Ticino. We gladly customise buffets or set dinners to your exact needs 8-)

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Oggi chiuso!

Today, Saturday, March 7th, 2015 our restaurant remains closed for a private party; we thank you for your understanding!

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Do you own an aircraft?

If yes, then you’re OK and travelling down town for dinner is easy. All the others will have to bear with the brunt of daily fantastic traffic jams which come with the compliments of the municipality of Pattaya’s finest – they promised it will be finished in three years already! The alternative is to remain on […]

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Paul Anka in Ticino?

Well, one of his ear worms was definitely “No Milk Today”, remember? At Ticino he would sing today “No Booze Today”. In compliance with Thai law we would be fined with a jail sentence and stiff penalty if any alcohol would be served on this Buddhist holiday. So there is milk but no Paul Anka and no […]

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Rosemary – Dew of the Sea!

The Mediterranean gift to seriously good food. We’re the only ones growing and grooming our own rosemary bushes. Unlike the leafies they prefer the traditional pot as their habitat over the hydroponic way of growing glasses emoticon You’ll realise the difference immediately; but for us to know and for you to find out 8-)

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