Kitchen news …..

The special menu can be enjoyed by individual dish only, as shown further down, or as an entire set. The Australian Angus Rib-Eye-Set clocks THB 870/person whereas the Lamb Curry is a steal with THB 730. Spoilt for choice again!  

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A good pizza is not …….

….. the result of science but proof of passionate handicraft combined with original ingredients from the source – and you can taste it! Proven daily as of 5pm, except Tuesdays that is ;-) 

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Y (why) not?

“Y not” – some wines are even made of real grapes! Our comprehensive choice of wines by the bottle are all Italian except the Shiraz from he Australian Barossa valley – they just do better with that grape. Our house wines, from Italy of course are a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a able bodied Montepulciano. Of […]

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The ultimate ……

…. temptation for meat lovers – our Pork Chop, a regular a la carte menu item. Definitely for the meat lovers with 350 grammes and it comes with French Fries and Vegetables and is yours for THB 370. And when may we cook for you again?  

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The little difference …

… is, that we are the only ones cook only with fresh, organic, homegrown herbs – and you can taste the difference! Everything else is a – poor – compromise …..

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An ice-cold beer at Ticino looks …

….  something like this. Do you like Denmark’s Hops Ambassador. As one of the few places on the dark side we feature Carlsberg – together with some twelve other beers from around the world!  For us to chill – for you to enjoy! 

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