Ticino going Indian?

Well not quite; the Chef decided on a lovely starter being Roti (flat bread roll) filled with mild Madras Curry-seasoned Minced Beef and Yogurt dip – ฿ 180

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Greek Swine?

Not quite; the first of two main courses of your choice would be a Breaded Pork Chop (250g) served with Greek Salad – ฿ 320 

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Italy meets Spain!

The alternative Main Course this time is a wafer thin Pizza with Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, Spanish Serrano Ham and Rucola Leaves – ฿ 320

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Aeroponically Yours!

When all you can get is on the picture then please remember – there is always Ticino. We avail aeroponically grown tomatoes at an unbeatable quality and, yes, tomatoes originally come in red variations – as with us!

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