Change of Ownership at Ticino

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

it is with great pleasure to inform you, that Ticino Restaurant is changing hands to Mr. Andy Schnyder as of February 1st, 2018. Andy’s professional background includes an apprenticeship as a baker/confectioner followed by running an English pub in downtown Zurich. We are glad having found a fellow Swiss taking over the baton and wish him and “our” team of lovely dedicated kitchen and service staff the very best of luck, read more.

The restaurant’s telephone number has changed to 0802-183-181, the new email reads and the website is “”.

In leaving we would like to thank our Thai colleagues for their help in creating and making Ticino what it is today; an equally big “Thank You” goes your way, Ladies and Gentlemen, for your kind, lovely and very loyal patronage. 

With kind regards, 
Peter, Panita (Noi), Dennis and Duangsamorn (Tukky) Fässler