Stroganoff’s befstróganov!

Ever tried our succulent Beef Stroganoff, cooked according to the original recipe by Elena Molokhovets from 1871? 

The post-Tsarist Russia leaked this delight to the West and is an absolute classic must in today’s continental cuisine. The “deviations” though are mind-boggling and include the use  ketchup, yogurt and chicken – as authentic as putting Italian buffalo-milk mozzarella in a Swiss cheese fondue. 

The original refers to sautéed (in our case – Australian) beef tenderloin and smetana (sour cream) – presented at our place with fresh, homemade fettuccini. 

And – now it comes – if you don’t like it, then it’s on the house. 

That’s the way the Chefs in 1871 as well as in 2017 see the original Бефстроганов just prior to leaving the kitchen.